Geodetic Services

Summer Maintenance:

Please note that throughout the summer there will be a upgrade and maintenance program running which will result in some downtime for some of the GNSS stations.

Important notice re: Limerick

The Limerick GNSS station is currently offline

Upgraded station Rinex which is not available to download from the website can be requested from

GPS stations are currently being upgraded. For a few days from when the new antenna goes live, until the coordinates can be recalculated, there may be an accuracy issue with some stations. There is currently only one station where this may be an issue now and that’s the New Ross station. Galway is due to be upgraded Friday 26th Oct and Cavan next week so care should be taken when working off these stations for the next few days.



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Geodetic Services

OSi continues to provide a free-of-charge RINEX data download service. Users should ensure that their post-processing applications have adequate quality assurance to correctly exploit this industry standard data.

It will provide users with the following geodetic services:

  • Passive data
  • RINEX data
  • Co-ordinate converter

A map containing the location of our GNSS stations is available as a PDF

The co-ordinates for our stations are available in this PDF

Support is available from our Geodetic Surveying Services.
Phone: +353-1-885-2456, +353-1-885-2465
Fax: +353-1-820-4156