OSi MapGenie is a web mapping service that provides online, immediate access to the most complete and highest quality map data available of Ireland

MapGenie allows you to connect directly from your desktop to both OSi and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland (LPS) geodatabases via an All-Ireland Web Service, giving you easy and instant access to premium map data at a variety of scales for the entire island of Ireland through a single source.

OSi’s MapGenie can be consumed directly through any OGC compliant GIS software or web application, potentially allowing all members of your organisation to view and use the best map data available, thereby giving you a significant increase in value for money over traditional methods of data delivery.

Services Available


Public & Premium Basemaps – English & Irish versions available
Discovery Series
OSi Orthophotography – 2010, 2005, 2000 & 1995
Digital Globe Aerial Imagery
Hybrid Services – Building, Transport & Water
Historic Services – B&W 6inch, 25inch and 6inch Cassini, Colour 6inch


Public & Premium Basemaps –English only
Discovery Series
OSi Orthophotography – 2010/2005


Public & Premium Basemaps – English & Irish versions available
Discovery Series
OSi Orthophotography – 2010, 2005, 2000 & 1995
Digital Globe Aerial Imagery

Features & Benefits

OSi’s MapGenie web service offers many benefits to existing and potential customers;

  • Rapid, easy access to national vector mapping, orthophotography, and historic imagery, at all scales, through a single source.
  • Instant updates – as our supply database is updated, so will your view of our map data through MapGenie.
  • Reduces or removes the need for users to store and manage OSi data locally, providing significant time & cost benefits.
  • Access to map data for all of Ireland through a single source, ideal for cross-border projects.
  • New symbology gives a clean, modern representation of our vector data at small, medium & large scales delivered via WMS with layer control, giving greater flexibility than traditional raster mapping.
  • Standards-based and provided in open format, thereby removing the need to manage data translation.
  • MapGenie Premium Services can be used in any OGC desktop application, or displayed through your web applications, giving you the potential to extend access to OSi mapping to all staff in your organization.
  • MapGenie Public Services available – allowing you to reduce the time, cost and effort involved in delivering web mapping applications to public users or customers.

OSi can provide a service to assist you in developing an entry level web based application that can provide basic GIS functionality and access to OSi data (reduces complexity and cost of GIS applications and data usage).

Map Data Available

  • National medium scale vector data, with contours and elevation, symbolised specifically for web use.
  • National large scale vector data, symbolised specifically for web use.
  • Digital Globe Aerial Imagery
  • 2010, 2005, 2000 & 1995 orthophotography.
  • 25 inch Historic mapping.
  • 6 inch Historic mapping in either colour or black & white
  • 6 inch Cassini mapping.

Service Specification & Availability

  • OGC compliant WMS services with basic windows authentication.
  • ESRI REST cached services with token security (ArcGIS Server 10.2.1).  Hosted in Amazon for high availability & scalability.
  • All services available in ITM, and selected services available in Web Mercator and IG projections.

See how our customers are using MapGenie to maximise their investment in OSi data and services.

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Web Services also support our own operations.