OSi has launched a new web portal called GeoHive

GeoHive launch

Ronan O’Reilly, Ordnance Survey Ireland Chairman, Colin Bray, CEO Ordnance Survey Ireland and Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Alex White.

In today’s world, location-based spatial data has become a huge part of decision-making processes locally and globally. The GeoHive service provides access, through a data catalogue and a map viewer, to a range of authoritative Irish spatial data. With GeoHive you can create maps specific to your task at hand, using any of the available data. GeoHive provides access to numerous types of data which are grouped under Featured Picks and User Gallery. Users can save their web maps in the user gallery, where they will be available to all other users.

GeoHive provides free, web-based access to Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), and other authoritative geo-spatial datasets. Users can link information from different authoritative sources all on one map to provide a deeper understanding of topics that impact on our lives, offering different perspectives on location-based issues.

Below is a short video on the basics of using GeoHive.

It has been designed with both novice and advanced users in mind. At a technical level GeoHive uses the functionality in ArcGIS Online as its content management system for listing and categorising web services. This means that any web service that is made available through GeoHive will be registered as a content item in ArcGIS Online.

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GeoHive allows users to use large amounts of data without the need to buy, collect, or store all that data. They can however easily use the information to make informed decisions. The service provides access to, amongst other things, Irish topographic, street address and aerial imagery.

This new data platform is aligned not only to the eGovernment Strategy 2012-2015, but more recently to the Public Service ICT Strategy 2015, providing for better planning and analysis, more informed decision making, and will result in greater efficiencies in both the public and private sector.

GeoHive will:

  • Empower the Irish public service, citizens, and business to make decisions based on a wide range of geo-spatial data.
  • Offer free access to Irish geo-spatial data from multiple authoritative data providers.
  • Be fully responsive and cater for use on mobile technology.
  • Support the Public Sector Reform Plan 2014 – 2016 to improve data use and sharing.

Users can:

  • Gain a more complete understanding of any location by accessing and combining data from multiple datasets and originators.
  • Create and share access to web maps that they have created via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

We look forward to you feedback so that we can continually improve our services to you. Email us through our Contact page or on our Facebook page.

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