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Aerial photography of Ireland, rectified to allow for accurate measurement. Ordnance Survey Ireland provides digitally scanned, ortho-rectified, raster colour & black and white photography, in both low and high resolution which is supplied in TIFF format. The ortho-rectification process removes distortions caused by camera tilt and topographical features to produce a scale accurate image.

Ortho Rectified Photo

We have National Coverage of High flown, Low resolution imagery captured periodically since 1995 and also Low flown High resolution data captured since 2007 covering over 80 of the main Cities and Towns of Ireland. Ortho Photography can be supplied by OSI in both Irish Grid (IG) and Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) projections, for the Republic of Ireland only. Please contact for further information.

In addition we maintain an archive of non-rectified Aerial Photography dating back to the 1970’s. Please contact for further details.

A number of additional services are also available, including scanning of imagery and flying photography to customer specified requirements. Can be used as background to mapping or draped over height information to provide powerful visual images of the landscape of Ireland.