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Ordnance Survey Ireland has a long tradition of providing Mapping and Information to the Business Community. We have a broad customer based including Government Departments and Offices, Local Authorities, Utility Companies, the Construction industry, the Transport & Emergency sector, Agricultural and Environmental sectors, Insurance, Banking and the Retail companies, Architect, Engineer, Surveyor and Property businesses and the Education sector.

  • Various Product Specification PDF’s can be found here.

  • What can we provide to improve your business?

    As well as selling paper map products, Ordnance Survey Ireland also licenses the use of its data in Digital format for a wide range of computer based applications such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Digital data carries additional capabilities such as being linked to other information databases, providing a powerful Operational, marketing and decision-making tool in business, professional and educational sectors.

OSi’s digital mapping data can be classified into one of three data scales:

  • Large Scale 1:1,000 PLACE Maps1:2,500 PLACE Maps1:5,000 PLACE Maps
  • IrelandMedium  Scale1:10-15,000 Digi-City1:10,000 Digi-Town1:50,000 Discovery1:50,000 Webmap
  • Small Scale1:210,000 Holiday1:450,000 Ireland1:600,000
  • In addition OSi offers a variety of datasets including Gazetteers, boundary Data and x,y,z, height data.

Digital Data Licence Agreements

The purchase and use of OSi digital data is subject to licensing terms and conditions.

Those wishing to license more than a small area of OSi digital data should refer to the Annual Licensing (AL2) or Project Data Licensing (PD1) documents below.

Forms for Download

QF 104b Annual Licence 1 (AL1) Form

QF 104c Contract Amendment Form

QF 104d Academic or Research Licence Form

QF 104e AL2 Annual licence Application Form

QF 104f Project Data Licence

QF 104g Contractors, Subcontractors, Consultants Form

QF 104h Annual licence Agreement Terms and Conditions

QF 104i Annual Licence Usage and Royalties

If you are applying to OSi for a digital data license, please download the relevant .pdf, sign and return to:

Digital Sales
Ordnance Survey Ireland
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8
E-mail: digitals@osi.ie
Ph: +353 (0) 18025376

Where can I buy Ordnance Survey Ireland Digital products?

We have a number of outlets located throughout the Republic of Ireland. We supply digital data through our Digital Sales Department located in our main offices in the Phoenix Park in Dublin (digitals@osi.ie).