Bluesky Aerial Imagery & LiDAR

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) have agreed with Bluesky to integrate their aerial imagery and derived height models into OSi’s own operations. OSi will also supply Bluesky’s high quality products to the Irish market.

Bluesky is a company dedicated to delivering first class, innovative geographic datasets and services at affordable prices. In the UK, they maintain national aerial photography, height data, tree and vegetation mapping and their expertise also includes LiDAR and thermal airborne acquisition and photogrammetry. Bluesky are committed to capturing and creating aerial photography and height data of the Republic of Ireland over the next two years.

Twin prop plane“We are delighted to be working with Ordnance Survey Ireland to ensure public sector organisations throughout the Republic have access to the most up to date, highest resolution aerial photography available,” says Robert Loughran, International Sales Manager at Bluesky International. “Ordnance Survey Ireland has an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the Irish Geospatial industry and is therefore ideally positioned to market, support and facilitate the take up of both the aerial photography and innovative elevation products within this sector.”

“Bluesky has committed to capturing and creating aerial photography and height data of the Republic of Ireland and OSi is pleased to be able to support them with the roll out of these products to public sector end users,” adds Hugh Mangan, General Manager Business and Marketing at Ordnance Survey Ireland. “The upturn in the economy and increasing availability of funding, means there is a fresh demand for such products across the public sector in support of social, economic and legislative decision making and by working with Bluesky we can help meet this demand.”

Bluesky will continue to capture high resolution, leaf on, aerial photography and colour infrared imagery for the whole of the Republic of Ireland throughout 2016.  Products from Bluesky data capture will include 25 cm resolution coverage for the whole country with 12.5 cm resolution data for selected urban areas including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Drogheda, Dundalk and Wexford.

In addition to the aerial photography and CIR imagery, national Digital Terrain and Surface Models (DTM / DSM) will be created. The first datasets, available in a variety of GIS ready formats, were launched to market in the third quarter of 2015, with 2016 capture to begin in the spring of this year with product availability to follow shortly thereafter.

Aerial Imagery

Aerial photography plays a vital role across a variety of disciplines, such as environmental management, policy planning, or network analysis. Today it is part of everyday life through online mapping portals such as our own at GeoHive MapViewer, and extensively used in both print and digital media.

Bluesky are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography and in the creation of high quality digital imagery products. They are committed to investing in the latest capture and production technologies, and working with them, OSi ensure the aerial photography products and services we provide are market leading.

  • Aerial view of an urban area

    Aerial view of an urban area

    • Acquisition to commence in April 2015
    • Four core products; RGB, CIR, DSM & DTM
    • National coverage (70,000 sqkm)
    • 25cm coverage

  • Aerial view of roadside garage and residential houses

    Aerial view of roadside garage and residential houses

    • Higher resolution 12.5cm data for the main urban areas
    (Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Drogheda, Dundalk & Wexford)
    • Spring/Summer ‘leaf on’ survey
    • Scheduled to be available from late summer 2015 onwards
    • Update cycle every 3 years
    • Flexible licensing
    • GIS ready data available in multiple formats


An example of LiDAR data

An example of LiDAR data

The rapid growth of LiDAR from a niche engineering product to one of the most widely-used methods of measuring height and surface features has fuelled an ever-growing demand for more accurate, more efficient and more cost-effective data collection. Bluesky’s new LiDAR sensor, the Optech Orion M300, offers unprecedented point density and a higher level of accuracy than any other LiDAR instrument currently operating in the UK and Irish markets. The Optech Orion, in a world first, also comes completely integrated into a three-sensor system that includes a fully photogrammetric survey camera alongside a thermal infra-red imager.

  • Bluesky Ireland coverage

    Bluesky Ireland coverage

    Visit Bluesky’s website here.

  • Available


    • Wicklow 25%
    • Waterford 100%
    • Carlow 95%
    • Tipperary 65%
    • Kilkenny 80%

    Towns & Cities @12.5cm

    • Sligo
    • Limerick
    • New Ross
    • Enniscorthy
    • Wexford
    • Gorey