Eochair Mhórscála

   Antiquity (Site of) Chimney
   Approach light    Cillin
   Cave or Antiquity    Cycling Track
   Electricity Distribution    DamPoly
   Electricity pole or Pylon    Field Pasture
   Hydrant    Flatrock (1:1000)
   Lamp standard    Flatrock (1:2500)
   Letter Box    Flatrock (1:5000)
   Manhole    Gardens/Yard
   Mast    Inland Island
   Monument (1:5000)    Jetty
   Mooring post or Closed Wall    Marsh
  Navigation Post (All Scales) / Monumnet (1:1000 and 1:2500)    Mud
  Open Wall    Building (not Public)
  Spot Height    Open Terrace
  Spring    Outcrop
  Standing Stone(s)    Paths
  Telephone Point    Pier
  Transformer Pole    Pit
  Triangulation Pillar    Public Building
  Utility Box (Small)    Quarry
  Crane Rail    Quay/Wharf
  Dam Line    Rail Edge
  Division Line    Rail turntable
  Ferry Line    Rail Verge
  Open Wall (up to 1:2500)    Rail Tunnel/Platform (1:5000)
  Power Lines   Rail Tunnel/Platform (1:1000 and 1:2500)
  Railway    Ruin
  Rock Face    Sand
  Ruins Line    Sand and Shingle
  Single Stream (1:1000)   Secure Area
  Single Stream (1:2500 and 1:5000)   Sidewalk
  Townland Boundary   Slipway
  Water Direction (1:1000)   Sloping Masonry (1:1000)
  Water Direction (1:2500)    Sloping Masonry (1:2500)
  Water Direction (1:5000)    Sloping Masonry (1:5000)
  Allotment/Cropland/Green Space    Steps
  Apron    Tank (Oil)
  Arches (1:1000 and 1:2500)    Tank (Water-Open)
  Road Verges    Utility Box
  Sports Grounds    Water Tower
  Bog    Water
  Burial Ground    Weir
  Canopy    Woodland Coniferous
  Car Park    Woodland Deciduous
  Cemetery    Woodland Mixed