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Innovation has been at the heart of everything Ordnance Survey Ireland has done from its very inception.

Building on that proud tradition, we have recently announced support for research and development in geospatial information. We are offering five Masters Students an award of up to €5,000 each and two post-doctoral researchers a grant of €42,394 plus employer pension and PRSI contributions each.

Research commissioned by OSi in 2014 showed that the use of geospatial information makes a significant contribution to the Irish economy and that access to geospatial information for strategic decision making results in more efficient planning and reduces costs. It also creates and sustains employment.

The challenge for the industry now is to innovate in order to maintain and increase this contribution, and to explain the value of its work to policy makers and the wider society.

Andy McGill, Mick Cory, Ronan O'Reilly, Prof. Declan O'Sullivan and Colin Bray

Andy McGill, Mick Cory, Ronan O’Reilly, Prof. Declan O’Sullivan and Colin Bray CEO Ordnance Survey Ireland at the launch of the research initiative in NUI Maynooth

Our investment in research will contribute to the ongoing development of a geospatial research and development programme within Ireland. It will promote the use of geospatial information in decision making and raise the visibility of the geospatial research and development community in Ireland.

It will also clearly demonstrate how geospatial research and development can contribute to the Irish economy and generate cost savings and to make the best use of our limited resources.

Student in research mode

Biennial Postdoctoral Bursary Scheme

Every two years OSi will sponsor two two-year Postdoctoral research projects.

Successful candidates must be suitably qualified, and available to engage in full time research for two years. This award is aimed at persons holding a PhD who will engage in full-time advanced research for two years on a specific topic.

The research topic will be submitted or agreed in advance by the researcher and OSi, in consultation with representatives from academia and the private sector. Each researcher will have a mentor appointed to guide them in their research. These topics will be of relevance to the GI industry in Ireland, and to OSi.

OSi is particularly interested in supporting research in the following specific areas:

  1. Change detection from remote sensed data against our spatial data holding (PRIME2)

We need to determine the difference between a set of remote sensed imagery and our spatial data holding (PRIME2) while conforming to the PRIME2 data model. We require the output to deliver the physical geometry of change. We are also interested in determining a classification of the changes detected e.g. vegetation changing to a paved surface.

  1. Automatic application of changed geometry to PRIME2

We need to determine how to automatically apply change to PRIME2 without affecting operational flowlines and conforming to the PRIME2 data model. Changed geometry will be supplied with appropriate tolerances.

  1. Positional accuracy improvement. OSi have moved from traditional scale-based data capture methodologies to a fully digital, seamless data capture methodology.

OSi’s aim is to improve the consistency of the absolute accuracy of PRIME2 data in line with our Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) active network.

A maximum of two awards will be made biennially. An award of up to €50,000 per annum will be made to each successful applicant for research in a geospatial, or related, field of research.

Annual Master’s Thesis Award Programme

Each year, OSi will sponsor five Master’s Thesis, one from each of the main geomatics courses across the higher education institutions in Ireland. Submissions will be assessed by a team representing OSi, academia, and the private sector.

There is a broad range of areas that would benefit from research and topics that OSi is interested in receiving submissions on include new Markets for products; 3D Data; data capture, storage and retrieval; artificial intelligence; open or linked data; automated devices; the internet of things; digital mapping applications; and digital data processing.

The successful candidates will be awarded a sum not exceeding €5,000.

The OSi Research Initiative 2017 will be launched soon.

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