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OSi Aerial Imagery

OSi Aerial Imagery

OSi’ has been quite busy in recent times, working to complete a series of coast-to-coast high definition aerial imagery. And their newest series of high-resolution 25cm imagery covering the entire country is now available, a product unmatched by any other supplier.

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Completed in 2017, the 25cm-pixel Series One Imagery represents the most complete and accurate imagery dataset ever completed in Ireland and has been made possible only by significant investment in people, equipment and processes.

With all 26 counties fully covered at a pixel resolution of 25cm, they have over 1.1 TRILLION pixels of data on offer! Their full 26-county coverage allows them to supply data to all 31 local authority areas. This means that there are 20,326 tiles of 2km imagery (orthorectified) available nationally for every corner of Ireland.

A container ship in Dublin Docks

A container ship in Dublin Docks

Every field, building, river, street, every shed, road, fence and wall have been recorded. It is four times more accurate than all OSi’s previous datasets and was captured in half the normal time period. Indeed, further progress is expected for Series Two (2017-19), with the capture timeframe reduced to 2.5 years.

In addition, Ordnance Survey Ireland has just recently announced the availability of 15cm-pixel resolution imagery for the greater Dublin area. Captured during the summer of 2017, in near perfect flying conditions and processed to the highest quality, this represents OSI’s most accurate imagery to date. At 15cm per pixel, there are 44 pixels per square metre, so even the smallest object can be identified, measured, and its position recorded as required.

South end of Grafton Street and Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

South end of Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

For decades, OSi has proven itself to be the trusted supplier of aerial data to Government, Local Authorities, essential utilities and large private sector businesses. Here are a few examples of what State services do with OSi imagery:

  • National Park & Wildlife Service use OSi imagery to assess the health of various habitats
  • Bord na Móna use it to assess the health of bogs and peatlands under their care
  • Planning authorities use imagery to better assess planning applications
  • Emergency services use OSi imagery for training purposes
  • Air Corps use OSi data in flight simulation
  • Property and Construction industries us imagery for analysis
Urban neighbourhood in Swords, Co. Dublin

Urban neighbourhood in Swords, Co. Dublin

This new aerial imagery package is in many ways a new product, but it comes with something old – OSi’s long-standing commitment to personalised customer care. Their dedicated team of support staff are always happy to bring their decades of survey experience directly to their clients. Often a quick phone call can resolve an issue; sometimes, an on-site visit is what’s needed to troubleshoot an issue. Either way, OSi understands your challenges and is there for you!

Number of Counties covered by 25cm Imagery: 26
Local Authority areas covered; 31 (All of them!)
How many times more accurate than previously: 4
25cm tiles available at 2x2km: 20,326
Minimum update cycle in years: 3
How many co-ordinated pixels: 1.1 Trillion (approx.!)
How many OSi planes in the air: 2
How many flying weeks in the year: 50
How many pixels per sq metre in Greater Dublin: 44 (at 15cm resolution)

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