• Student Life

    7 ways you can help your son or daughter’s transition to college life Is your son or daughter thinking about going to college? Here are seven ways you can help their transition to college life: Know the difference between digs, house shares, and campus accommodation If your son or daughter is moving out for college, […]

  • House Location

    Evaluate Your Perfect House Location with GeoHive Make an informed decision on your ideal house location by using GeoHive and making the most of publically available mapping data and GIS datasets from OSi.   Advancements in information and communication technology have given many Irish workers the possibility to carry out their job through remote working. […]

  • Kerry in a Day

    Kerry One-day Itinerary Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, picturesque Kerry boasts countless activities that could easily fill a busy summer holiday. We’ve put together a one-day itinerary that will let you take in a number of popular attractions in one day and leave you wanting more from Kerry. Itinerary […]

  • Walking Festivals

    Irish Walking Festivals: OSi’s Top Picks for 2016 Walking festivals are a great opportunity for new walkers to get involved in outdoor pursuits and for more experienced ramblers to take on more challenging routes with the assistance of a local guide. Here are four of the best walking festivals taking place across the country this […]

  • Crow Hill - Taking a breather

    Crow Hill

    Now that the spring is easing into summer, the days are getting longer and many of us are thinking of finding those boots in the attic and heading out into the countryside to fill our lungs with fresh air. But where to go and what to do? Perhaps it’s more to do with frame of […]

  • Walking Safety

    Essential Guide to Walking Safety A guide to adequately preparing for walking activities with helpful techniques to help you stay on course and advice on what to do if you get into distress. It might seem strange to some people that in this era of technology that it’s still possible to get lost when enjoying […]

  • Planning Packs

    Planning Applications Using OSi Digital Planning Packs Everything you need to know to get the correct Mapping Data for your Planning application from OSi Mapping data from OSi is one of the fundamental requirements of planning applications in Ireland.   If you are looking to apply for planning permission from your local authority for a new […]

  • Map Hacks

    Get more out of Hill Walking with our Map Reading Hacks Successfully navigating a terrain using only a paper map, a compass and the landscape itself is an Invaluable Skill for any Outdoor Enthusiast Here we look at some fundamental map reading skills required for orienteering and other outdoor pursuits before moving on to some […]

  • Wicklow Walks

    Wonderful Wicklow Walks: OSi’s Top Picks As the days get longer and milder, we’ve picked five of our favourite Wicklow walking routes that range in difficulty, from easy for beginners to hard for more experienced walkers The Sugar Loaf To make things as easy as possible for you on your day out, we’ve included information […]

  • Urban Planning

    GIS Datasets

    Local Authority Officials Share Their ‘Go-To’ GIS Datasets GIS Officials from Tipperary County Council, Galway City Council, and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council discuss the role of GIS in planning and effective decision making in their local authorities. Some of the most prominent users of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and OSi data are the 31 local […]

  • Lorraine McNerney

    Future of GIS

    What the Future Holds for GIS A look at the evolution of the role GIS plays in Irish society and how OSi are adapting its service offerings to meet continued demand in this space Over its 65-year history, geographic information systems (GIS) has evolved to become one of the most fundamental resources for planning and […]

  • Genealogy research


    Where Do You Think They Were? It now seems more straightforward than ever to go looking for your ancestral roots. These days your search may be simpler, but not necessarily easier. Any number of online family history sources can overpower you with detail. However, the basics remain the same, and the three most important pieces […]