• Film and TV locations in Ireland

    Movie and TV Locations

    Ireland’s Famous Movie and TV Locations Enjoy our list and map celebrating some of the most famous movies and TV programmes that were filmed on location in Ireland.   Ireland has been the jewel in Hollywood’s eye for many decades, with our unique and beautiful landscape acting as the backdrop for many a box office success. […]

  • Empowering Citizens

    Ireland Provides All Citizens with a Greater Sense of Place

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 20, 2017 Improved data sharing leads to cost savings and better decisions across government with a greater sense of place for citizens. This is the second in a three-part series on Ordnance Survey Ireland’s map modernization efforts. National mapping agencies, like many other industries, have seen impacts […]

  • Ireland Transforms Mapping, Adding Intelligence to Data

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 13, 2017 First in a three-part series on Ordnance Survey Ireland’s map modernization efforts Isn’t data just data? Once you start asking questions of your data, it doesn’t take long to realize when key details are missing. The location data that underpins mapmaking is of limited use […]

  • Ireland Puts Policy Initiatives on the Map

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 27, 2017 Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), the national mapping agency of Ireland, has undergone a digital transformation that includes great efficiency gains in mapmaking processes, and the creation of a one-stop shop called GeoHive to collect and serve the government’s spatial data across departments. These changes now form […]

  • Esri FedGIS

    Esri FedGIS conference 2017 – an OSi delegate’s experience I recently had the opportunity to attend the Esri FedGIS conference in Washington, an event that invites government delegates from around the world to come together and share their geospatial knowledge, challenges and solutions. The CEO of Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), Colin Bray, and I were […]

  • UK GI Agreements

    How Geospatial Information has empowered public services across the UK Ireland’s National Mapping Agreement (NMA) is about to be launched, giving Irish public sector bodies free access to most of Ordnance Survey Ireland’s (OSi) geospatial data. Under similar agreements, national mapping agencies in Northern Ireland and Great Britain have been making mapping data freely available […]

  • GI in Public Sector

    How geospatial information can transform decision making in the Irish public sector Ireland’s first ever National Mapping Agreement (NMA) is here and it’s a big deal for the public sector. Why? Because it makes Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) products, which come in the form of maps, aerial photography and spatial data, freely available to all […]

  • Linked Data

    A New format for Ireland’s Geospatial Data Irish geospatial data is now available in a new format, called ‘Linked Data’, which means that it can be used in a more intelligent and meaningful way. What is Linked Data? Data comes in many forms (e.g. census, geological, medical, weather) and when we analyse it we can […]

  • OSi and Minecraft

    Gamers and educators can now use OSi Geospatial data in Minecraft Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) have released Irish geospatial data for Minecraft, a popular virtual game that is fast becoming a powerful educational tool in schools all over the world. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a game where players mine for resources and use these […]

  • NMO Summit

    6 things to think about for your spatial data infrastructure Collaboration is key. An underpinning principle of spatial data infrastructures, the achievement of a level of collaboration across a diverse group of people from a variety of countries, was well illustrated by those contributing to the National Mapping Organisation Summit 2016, held in Dublin. Located […]

  • Research Initiative

    Innovation has been at the heart of everything Ordnance Survey Ireland has done from its very inception. Building on that proud tradition, we have recently announced support for research and development in geospatial information. We are offering five Masters Students an award of up to €5,000 each and two post-doctoral researchers a grant of €42,394 […]

  • Urban Planning

    GIS Datasets

    Local Authority Officials Share Their ‘Go-To’ GIS Datasets GIS Officials from Tipperary County Council, Galway City Council, and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council discuss the role of GIS in planning and effective decision making in their local authorities. Some of the most prominent users of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and OSi data are the 31 local […]