A Walk in Scarr

Enjoy a Great Walk and bag some Duck’s Eggs on the Way Home

Although Scarr is relatively low in height at 641m (the 211th highest mountain in Ireland according to the makers of such lists), it affords wonderful views from the centre of the Wicklow Mountains.

Rock on a rock in Scarr

A View of Scarr

This route starts from Oldbridge, where there is parking for around 10 cars (although it can be a popular spot on a sunny weekend).  It starts with a road walk, following a section of the Wicklow Way.  Although I would normally avoid walking on roads, this is a relatively quiet road and quite pleasant as it follows the boundary of the Glendalough House Estate, with old walls and beech trees to keep you company.  The turn off the road is well signposted as it is the Wicklow Way but once past the farmhouse and the Way turns left, you should keep on up the hill along the edge of the forestry until reaching the ridge leading up to Scarr.

Once on the ridge there is a fairly clear path leading to the summit and all along this route you are given superb views down into the Glenmacnass valley and across to the Brockaghs, Tonelagee and beyond.  After a couple of false summits, the top of Scarr is reached.  Continue along the ridge before taking a turn left, again on a fairly clear path which leads to the 561m spot height and eventually Kanturk.  As you move steadily eastwards now you experience the only bit of boggy ground on this route, although it is all easily negotiated.  As you approach a solitary standing boulder, Lough Dan comes into view and the lovely Cloghoge Valley.  Continue along the wide ridge leading to a final slight summit before heading north eastwards down towards the Lough Dan track.

Map of walk in Scarr

A Map of the Walk in Scarr

Crossing the track and passing through a kissing gate reveals a lovely view over Lough Dan. The kissing gate is a gate for people to pass through which livestock are unable to go through. Then, walk on up the Cloghoge Valley.  Continue along the path until it pops out onto the road back to Oldbridge and takes you back to your car. Then it is time to head back into Roundwood. On your way home you can watch out for a hand-made sign ”Eggs for Sale” where you can buy Hen & Duck eggs from a local Wicklow farmer.

Here is a short sum up.

  • Starting out from Oldbridge
  • Pleasant & gentle start along Glendalough House Estate
  • Summit walk with superb views
  • Over the bog
  • Back to the start
  • Off to Roundwood for a nice cup of tea
  • Discovery Series 56
  • Distance: 14km
  • Total Ascent/Descent: 550m
  • Estimated Time: 4h 15m
  • Grade: Medium to hard
  • Equipment: Rain gear, Hiking Boots, Food & fluids
  • Terrain: Road, Forest edge, Boggy ground, Track
Discovery Series sheet 56 cover

Discovery Series sheet 56

Our Discovery Series sheet 56 covers this walk and can be purchased online.

We have a number of videos on our website that you will find helpful to enjoy the outdoors.

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Disclaimer: Walkers use these routes entirely at their own risk. No responsibility can be accepted by landowners or by Ordnance Survey Ireland, for any loss, damage or injury caused or sustained during this walk.

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