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  • Film and TV locations in Ireland

    Movie and TV Locations

    Ireland’s Famous Movie and TV Locations Enjoy our list and map celebrating some of the most famous movies and TV programmes that were filmed on location in Ireland.   Ireland has been the jewel in Hollywood’s eye for many decades, with our unique and beautiful landscape acting as the backdrop for many a box office success. […]

  • Empowering Citizens

    Ireland Provides All Citizens with a Greater Sense of Place

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 20, 2017 Improved data sharing leads to cost savings and better decisions across government with a greater sense of place for citizens. This is the second in a three-part series on Ordnance Survey Ireland’s map modernization efforts. National mapping agencies, like many other industries, have seen impacts […]

  • Ireland Transforms Mapping, Adding Intelligence to Data

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 13, 2017 First in a three-part series on Ordnance Survey Ireland’s map modernization efforts Isn’t data just data? Once you start asking questions of your data, it doesn’t take long to realize when key details are missing. The location data that underpins mapmaking is of limited use […]

  • Ireland Puts Policy Initiatives on the Map

    by Mark Cygan | Map Modernization | October 27, 2017 Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), the national mapping agency of Ireland, has undergone a digital transformation that includes great efficiency gains in mapmaking processes, and the creation of a one-stop shop called GeoHive to collect and serve the government’s spatial data across departments. These changes now form […]

  • Ireland's Most Haunted

    3 Most Haunted

    Our Top 3 Most Haunted Sites in Ireland Irish folklore is bound up in ghost stories, spirits, banshees, haunted sites and bloodshed. Every townland and parish in the country has a story of some strange happening and as a follow up to our tour around paranormal Dublin, and using your most haunted recommendations (see below!), […]

  • Bucket List Walks

    Bucket List Walks

    Bucket List Walks in Ireland We’re truly blessed with the natural landscape in Ireland and the picturesque walks and trails that we all can enjoy each weekend. If you’ve already enjoyed our walking suggestions in Wicklow, Cork and Galway and are looking for a route to take your walking to the next level, take a […]