April 2016

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  • Walking Safety

    Essential Guide to Walking Safety A guide to adequately preparing for walking activities with helpful techniques to help you stay on course and advice on what to do if you get into distress. It might seem strange to some people that in this era of technology that it’s still possible to get lost when enjoying […]

  • Planning Packs

    Planning Applications Using OSi Digital Planning Packs Everything you need to know to get the correct Mapping Data for your Planning application from OSi Mapping data from OSi is one of the fundamental requirements of planning applications in Ireland.   If you are looking to apply for planning permission from your local authority for a new […]

  • Map Hacks

    Get more out of Hill Walking with our Map Reading Hacks Successfully navigating a terrain using only a paper map, a compass and the landscape itself is an Invaluable Skill for any Outdoor Enthusiast Here we look at some fundamental map reading skills required for orienteering and other outdoor pursuits before moving on to some […]