OSi Customer Service Action Plan 2019 – 2021

Ordnance Survey Ireland are the national providers of trusted, maintained geospatial data and platforms to ensure the State’s digital geography is easy to find, share and use.

The general function of OSi is to provide a national mapping service in the State. In this regard we operate in the public interest by creating and maintaining the definitive national mapping and related geographic records of the State.

OSi activities, as it delivers on its mandate as laid out in the Ordnance Survey Ireland Act 2001, are guided by the following five strategic goals as set out below.

Each of these goals will be delivered through an annual program of activities which is aligned to and monitored in line with the best international practice approach adopted and endorsed by the

United Nations. The United Nations framework ensures that OSi delivers outcomes and benefits necessary to support national development.

Ordnance Survey Ireland’s Goals

Focused, Efficient and Effective Geospatial Information Production & Management

Continue to focus on, development and implementation of fundamental production systems and process, underpinned by robust data governance and quality strategies.

Production of Integrated Geospatial Information Systems, Platforms and Services

Further develop OSi’s geospatial information systems, platforms and services so that they produce reliable, accessible and easily used data and services for citizens, business and policy-makers.

Developing Collaboration and Partnerships

Ensure that collaborative relationships and partnerships are leveraged in a way that strengthen information sharing between providers and users of geospatial data to reduce duplication of effort and to better support of national initiatives.

Leadership, Communication & Engagement

Provide strong leadership and commitment to the geospatial industry in Ireland, to enhance the long- term value of investments in geospatial information. To champion the value and use of geospatial information, promote capacity, capability building and drive innovation.

Deliver a highly transparent, accountable, sustainable and skilled organisation

OSi operations are conducted according to best practice governance framework, legislative, accountability and transparency guidelines. OSi will ensure that a return on investment is realised through best practice cost management. OSi will support our staff in the acquisitionand development of skills which match the needs of the organisation and its goals. It will work to ensure that the use of OSi’s geospatial data and services enhances national efficiency and productivity.

Ordnance Survey Ireland – Our Service Commitment to You

The provision of quality customer service is an essential element of the modern public service. Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has a proud tradition since 1824 of delivering quality products and services to its customers.

With your assistance, we intend to maintain and wherever possible, improve on the standards you, our customers, expect of us.

We are committed to ensuring that a customer service ethos is part of everything we do and is embraced by all of our staff.

We employ a range of measures to ensure that we continue to improve the overall quality of our service. Our Customer Service Action Plan builds on the progress made in previous plans and lists the actions we intend to take so that we can make even more progress.

The plan, built on the customer service guidelines in Our Public Service 2020, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform led Quality Customer Service Initiative, describes how our commitments and service standards will be delivered and measured by us.

Our Customer Charter describes the levels of service each customer is entitled to expect when dealing with us and our commitment to ensuring that we keep up these levels of service.

It provides basic information on contact details, service standards, customer input and complaints procedures for key areas within OSi. Our Customer Action Plan is a more detailed document which describes how the Customer Charter commitments will be delivered by OSi.

Ordnance Survey Ireland and its Customers

The delivery of effective, quality customer service is a priority for OSi and forms an integral part of our Strategy Statement 2019-2021 and the business plans of individual departments within the organisation.

The purpose of this Customer Action Plan and the Customer Charter is to set out in clear and unambiguous terms how we intend to ensure that we can continue to provide all our customers with the highest possible level of service. It outlines our commitment to the provision and delivery of customer service and how our performance in this respect will be measured and evaluated.

The quality customer service standards adopted by OSi in relation to the delivery of services to our customers also apply to those services that the Department has committed to delivering in Irish through our Scheme under the Official Languages Act, 2003.

The OSi provides professional services and data to Government Departments, State Agencies, Public Authorities and Local Government.

Customers for Planning and Land Registry purposes include Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Developers, Solicitors and Real Estate Agents. We also cater for personal customers who lodge their own applications.

In addition we also engage with the Corporate and Utility sectors via the provision of detailed data and GIS Services.

The Educational Sector both 2nd and 3rd level are users of our data.

The general public purchase our maps for Tourist and Leisure purposes.

Ordnance Survey Ireland Service Channels

We are committed to providingyou our customer withan excellent service, through a varietyof means and channels, including:

  • Online Services through www.osi.ie
  • Personal attention at our Public Offices in Phoenix Park, Dublin 8
  • Our Agent network in Cork, Castlebar, Dublin and Waterford.
  • Our network of distributors and partners.
  • Post, email and telephone.
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Service

Ordnance Survey Ireland Online shop

The OSi has over many years invested in developing systems to improve and enhance the delivery and access to our products.

This online facility gives customers access to our full digital mapping database allowing customers to view, search and purchase online a variety of maps for Planning, Land Registry, Leisure and other business functions. This can be accessed via www.osi.ie.

Map Sales and Agents

These are walk in public offices that give access and assistance to our customers to view, search and purchase a variety of maps for Planning, Land Registry, Leisure and other business functions. The full list of our public Offices and Agents can be accessed via www.osi.ie.

Our Map Sales Office located in the Phoenix Park in Dublin is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4.15pm including lunchtime.

OSi’s Tourism & Leisure products are available online at www.osi.ie and through many bookshops, forecourts and other retail outlets.

Corporate Supply

Our corporate and contract customers are provided for via a number of key account officers. Further details are available on www.osi.ie

National Mapping Agreement

Government customers are serviced via the NMA or National Mapping Agreement and for further information call us on 01-8025 300 or log onto www.osi.ie

Customer Service

Please contact us on custserv@osi.ie

Our Commitment to the Principles of Quality Customer Service

We are wholly committed to providing the highest levelsof service to all our customers in accordance with the 12 Principles of Quality Customer Service.

12 Principles of Quality Customer Service

OSi wishes to provide the best possible service to everyone who contacts us. We do this through the commitments to Quality Customer Service outlined below.

Quality Service Standards

Principle: Publish a statement that outlines the nature and quality of service which customers can expect and display it prominently at the point of service delivery.

OSi are committed to providing a helpful, courteous and effective service to all customers. The standards of service customers can expect when interacting with us are outlined in our Customer Service Charter. The majority of customers contact the OSi through our service channels, particularly our online shop. Therefore both the Charter and Action Plan are available on our website www.osi.ie. Both the Charter and Action Plan will be made available in hard copy, upon request.

Commitment Performance Indicator
Publish a Customer Service Charter and Customer Service Action Plan 2019 – 2021. Charter and Customer Service Action Plan are available on our website and in hard copy upon request.
Encourage a customer service culture among staff through induction and training as appropriate. Staff familiarity with our commitments as evidenced by feedback.
Ensure all staff are aware and adhere to the commitments made. Feedback received from staff and external customers, customer service delivery information.


Principle: Ensure the rights to equal treatment, established by equality legislation, and accommodate diversity, so as to contribute to equality for the groups covered by the equality legislation (under the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race and membership of the Traveller Community). Identify and work to eliminate barriers to access to services for people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, and for those facing geographic barriers to services.

OSi is committed to delivering a service that is available to all. We are dedicated to ensuring that no one is discriminated against in their interactions with us.

Commitment Performance Indicator
Ensure that all customers are treated equally in line with legislation. Customer feedback.
Encourage a customer service culture among staff through induction and training as appropriate. Staff familiarity with our commitments as
evidenced by feedback.
Ensure all staff are aware and adhere to the commitments made.Feedback received from staff and external
customers, customer service delivery information.

Physical Access

Principle: Provide clean, accessible public offices that ensure privacy, comply with occupational and safety standards and, as part of this, facilitate access for people with disabilities and others with specific needs.

We pride ourselves in keeping our offices in a clean and safe condition, and we abide by health and safety standards. Our staff includes a Safety Advisor, Fire Wardens and an Access Officer. The Access Officer co-ordinates any assistance that may be needed by those who have a disability. Because of their age and design, our offices in the Phoenix Park have limited physical access. However, if you have particular accessibility requirements and wish to attend these offices, please contact our office by telephoning 01-8025 300 in advance of your visit.