OSi Customer Charter


Customer Charter 2019 – 2021

The national providers of trusted, maintained geospatial data and platforms to ensure the State’s digital geography is easy to find, share and use.

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has a proud tradition spanning three centuries of delivering quality products and services to its customers. Our Customer Charter sets out the level of service we aim to provide for our customers, in line with the 12 Principles of Quality Customer Service.

Our Contact Details:

Ordnance Survey Ireland
Ordnance Survey Road
Phoenix Park
Dublin 8

D08 F6E4

E-mail: custserv@osi.ie

Tel: +353-1-802-5300
Website:  www.osi.ie

Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

If you wish to give feedback, or are unhappy with the quality of service you have received you have the right to complain. OSi is committed to delivering a high level of customer service.

We are committed to:

  • Dealing with complaints in a courteous and efficient manner
  • Resolve complaints where possible at the first point of contact
  • Correcting any mistakes as quickly as possible
  • Ensuring any errors do not re-occur

A complaint in the first instance should be taken up directly with the individual who provided the service or in his/her absence the supervisor of that area.

If it is not possible to resolve the matter with staff member or supervisor you may direct the complaint, preferably in writing, to OSi’s Customer Service Officer, who can be contacted at:

Email: custserv@osi.ie

Tel: 01-8025 300

The Customer Service Officer will issue a formal acknowledgement within 5 days.

All cases will be investigated and a formal response will be issued within 15 working days.

If the complaint is upheld then steps will be taken to remedy the fault and we will provide appropriate redress to the customer.

Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigation you have the right to appeal. In the first instance this will be investigated by the line manager responsible for Customer Service. Should the matter fail to be resolved at that stage you have a right to appeal to the General Manager of Business & Marketing who has full responsibility for the management of all aspects of customer service and who reports to the Chief Executive Officer.If the matter is still not resolved, you have the right to appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman.

Our Commitment to You

When You Phone us:

We will be available to answer your calls from 9.00am to 4.30pm (4.15pm on Fridays) excluding weekends and public holidays. We will answer your call as quickly as possible and we will be courteous and helpful in dealing with your enquiry.

If possible we will answer your query straight away, however if we cannot do this, we will take the details of your enquiry and call you back within 2 working days with a reply.

We will endeavour to provide an efficient and courteous service and you will at all times be treated efficiently and with dignity and respect.

Many enquiries to OSi are by their nature complex and may require further investigation by other departments. All our staff will be as helpful and informative as they possibly can be while at all times treating you with the courtesy and respect. In these cases all correspondence should be in writing.

When you write to us by post or email:

We will acknowledge any written enquiry within 3 working days of receipt of your communication.

Correspondence addressed to individual members of staff will be replied to by the staff member as quickly as possible.

In the case of an email to our customer service department and where a reply is required by the sender we will aim to acknowledge receipt of your email within 1 day and provide a comprehensive reply within 10 days. However, as stated previously many enquiries to OSi are by their nature complex and may require further investigation by other departments. Should the matter require further investigation or action we will inform you of the process and an estimate of when the matter will be resolved.

When you visit us:

We will endeavor to maintain safe and accessible public offices. We will ensure that our public offices are fit for purpose and enable our customers conduct their business in and effective and secure manner.

Because of their age and design, our offices in the Phoenix Park have limited physical access. However, if you have particular accessibility requirements and wish to attend these offices, please contact our office by telephoning 01-8025 300 in advance of your visit.

If you should wish to meet with a specific member of staff, we would ask that you make an appointment in advance to ensure that the staff member is available to meet with you.

All visitors to our offices will be treated with courtesy.

We will deal with your enquiry promptly.

All callers who have an appointment will be issued with a visitors pass and be received promptly once staff are informed of their arrival.

Suggested Customer Preparation prior to contacting OSi:

To help us to provide an efficient service and excellent experience customers should.

Use our online service at www.osi.ie to purchase our products including Planning Packs (Digital and Paper), Land Registry Maps and Tourist/Leisure Maps.

Purchase through our Official Agents, or our Map Sales shop. (Please see our website www.osi.ie for further details).

Familiarise themselves with Copyright, Planning and Land Registry Guidelines

In the first instance contact our Service Team on custserv@osi.ie

Before contacting OSi please have all your details ready such as transaction number, co-ordinates, locality and type of map.

Always treat our staff with courtesy, patience and respect.

Communication with our customers and monitoring our performance

We will consult with our customers from time to time by way of customer surveys and invite customer comments and feedback via a variety of channels. We will where possible use this feedback to improve our services and to meet customer needs in the future.

More information on OSi’s customer service commitments can be found in OSi’s Customer Service Action Plan 2019 – 2021.

Service through the Irish language

As an organisation, OSI is committed to providing quality services in both Irish and English. We will comply with the Official Languages Act 2003 and any Regulations made under the Act.

Map Sales
e-mail: mapsales@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-802-5349
Digital Sales
e-mail: digitals@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-802-5376
Trade Sales
e-mail: tradesales@osi.ie
Copyright Administration
e-mail: copyright@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-802-5320
Aerial Photography Sales
e-mail: photosales@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-824-7577
Customer Services
e-mail: customer.services@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-860-6778
Geodetic Surveying Services
e-mail: control@osi.ie
Tel: +353-1-885-2456
Ríomhphoist trí Gaeilge
e-mail: eolas@osi.ie