Geodetic Services

Please note we are experiencing technical difficulties with the Sligo Active station.

 A height error has been identified following the introduction of the new geoid model. This issue has now been rectified please check the heights on any projects you have been working on between 26th August 2016 and 7th of October 2016.


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Geodetic Services

OSi continues to provide a free-of-charge RINEX data download service. Users should ensure that their post-processing applications have adequate quality assurance to correctly exploit this industry standard data.

It will provide users with the following geodetic services:

  • Passive data
  • RINEX data
  • Co-ordinate converter

A map containing the location of our GNSS stations is available as a PDF

The co-ordinates for our stations are available in this PDF

Support is available from our Geodetic Surveying Services.
Phone: +353-1-885-2456, +353-1-885-2465
Fax: +353-1-820-4156